head process


How do we determine value in an investment? Through a simple and scalable process that measures the interplay of risk and return.


Dolan McEniry uses a proprietary methodology to screen, organize, and prioritize the large fixed income investment universe. We incorporate metrics for both risk and return that allow us to rank all the bonds we follow from most attractive to least attractive. Most valuable to least valuable. Simple.


This ranking system is augmented by daily market checks. We want to be sure we can indeed purchase our most highly ranked securities at the prices from our theoretical models. We also make a decision on the duration of our client portfolios, usually neutral to our benchmark since we are not interest rate forecasters.


With our ranking system, market checks and duration target in hand, we proceed to build our model portfolio—and from there build portfolios for each of our clients. Our process is simple, straightforward and scalable. It’s also rooted in years of financial investment experience and supported by our record of performance and asset growth.